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  Free Telephony Books (.pdfs)

Telephone Rates McKay 1921
Mod American Telephony Smith 1912
Telephonology Deventer 1912
Telephone Competition 1908
Dumb No Longer De Land 1906
The Electric Telephone Houston 1902
The Telephone Preece 1889
Info for Telephonists Lockwood 1882
Telephone, Microphone... 1879
Speaking Telephone... Prescott 1879
The Telephone 1878
The Telephone Garner 1878

Automatic Telephony Smith 1921
Telephone Transmission AT&T 1921
Multiplex Telephony Squier 1919
'Phone Apparatus Shepardson 1917
Telephone Principles Jansky 1916
Telephone Exchanges Kingsbury 1915
Toll Telephone Practice Thiess 1912
Telephone Conductors Fleming 1911
Telephone Diagrams Hulfish 1910
Telephone Construction Mayer 1908
Telephone Construction 1908
Telephone Maintenance 1908
'Phone Gear Cat. Western Electric 1908
Electricity & Magnetism ICS 1908
Automatic Telephone Sys. ICS 1907
Telephone Handbook Poole 1906
Telephony: A Manual Abbott 1905
American Telephone Practice 1905
Telephony 1905
ABC of the Telephone Homans 1904
Telephone Principles Wilder 1904
Telephone Hand-Book 1894
Manual of Telephony Preece 1893
Telephone Construction Allsop 1892

Morse, Thompson, Bell Towers 1917
Telephone History Casson 1910
Telephones 1907 US Census 1910
Circuits of Victory Lavine 1910
'Phone Development Hopkins 1898
Review of Telepone Patents 1897
Bell's Telephone Prescott 1884
Philipp Reis Thompson 1883

Telephone Magazine 1904

Telephone & Telegraph in Brazil 1922
British Telephones Herbert 1901
European Telephones Bennett 1895

  Free Signals & Signaling Books

Military Signal Handbook 1917
US Army Signal Book 1916
Signal Corps Equipment Manual 1915
Military Signal Handbook Gallup 1893
Universal Naval Signals Phillips 1835

  Free Books about Telegraphs

American Telegraph McNicol 1913
Telegraphy & Railroading Soulé 1911
20th Cent. Telegraphy Meyer 1905
Telegraph Encyclopedia Maver 1903
Electric Telegraphy Houston 1896
American Telegraphy 1892
Electricity & Telegraph Prescott 1892
Modern Telegraphy Abernathy 1887
Telegraph Commnunication 1885
Telegraph & Travel 1874
Electric Telegraph Sabine 1867
Electric Telegraph Lardner 1867
The Electric Telegraph Prescott 1860
Electric Telegraph Cooke 1857
Telegraph Popularised Lardner 1855
Electro Magnetic Telegraph 1853
Telegraph Description Vail 1845

Telegraph Engineering 1922
New Telegraph Code Moering 1907
Telegraphy ICS 1901
Telegraph Handbook Loring 1900
Telegraphic Connections Thom 1892
Telegraph Handbook 1891
Manual of Telegraphy Williams 1885
Practical Telegraphy 1885
Electrical Measurement 1883
Telegraph Line Testing 1878
Telegraph Construction Douglas 1875
Electrician's Teleg. Handbook 1874
Electrical Tables & Formulae 1871
Telegraph Handbook Bond 1870
Telegraph Companion Shaffner 1854
Telegraph Instructions Walker 1850

Telegraph Journal Western Union 1901
Telegraph Engineer's Journal 1883

Letters & Journals S F B Morse 1914
Early Telegraph History Vail 1914
Charles Bright, Engineer 1908
Samuel F B Morse Trowbridge 1904
Papers Werner von Siemens 1895
Telegraph Heroes Munro 1891
Edison & Morse Denslow 1887
Joseph Henry Dickerson 1885
Telegraphy to 1837 Fahie 1884
Civil War Telegraphy Plum 1882
Telegraphic Tales Johnston 1880
Posts & Telegraphs Tegg 1878
The Multiple Telegraph A G Bell 1876
Life of S F B Morse Prime 1875
Story of the Telegraph Briggs 1858
Telegraph History Jones 1852
Electric Applications Bain 1843
An Electrical Telegraph Ronalds 1823

British Telegraphy Herbert 1920
British Telegraph Cooke 1868

  Free Submarine Cable Books

Submarine Telegraphy 1920
Submarine Telegraphs Bright 1898
Submarine Telegraphy 1891
Ocean Telegraph Cable Rowett 1865

Submarine Engineering Corbin 1913
Sub. Cable Handbook USASC 1905
Submarine Cable Notes USASC 1902
Telegraph Cable Testing 1879

The Atlantic Cable Bright 1903
Ocean Telegraphy C W Field 1879
Atlantic Telegraph Saward 1878
Atlantic Telegraph History Field 1869
Atlantic Cable Kelvin 1866
The Ocean Telegraph Mullaly 1858
Atlantic Telegraph Prelims 1857

Pacific Cable Project Johnson 1903

Telegraph to India Parkinson 1870
French Atlantic Cable 1869

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 Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Mobile Phone & Pager Shops
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  VoIP: Voice Over Internet Broadband Phone Services

Skype is software you can download which allows you to call other people with Skype software on their PCs over the Internet for free, and to make cheap calls to cell phones and other telephones worldwide.

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NetZero Platinum gives you fast, reliable, unlimited Internet access for $9.95/month (about 1/2 the price of AOL). Juno also offers free internet access, with ads, for limited to 10 hours access per month.

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  Battery Shops

Batteries Plus opened their first store in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1988. They now have over 255 brick and mortar stores from coast to coast. Batteries Plus offers a large selection of batteries for laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones, and almost anything else, including rechargeable cells and standard alkaline batteries.

eBatts carries a huge selection of batteries and power supplies for laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones, and other mobile accessories. As of this writing, eBatts provides free ground shipping for all web orders weighing less than 200 lbs anywhere in the continental US.

Interstate Batteries offers their own brand of low-cost standard batteries & custom electronics batteries with free shipping on all battery orders with a minimum order of $35 (use the "coupon code" linkshare01).

TIME Magazine,
    August 2, 1963 p. 49:

Like the Red Queen

    A new kind of communications satellite, Syncom II, built by Hughes Aircraft Co. for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, soared up into space last week from Cape Canaveral. Instead of going into orbit not far above the earth, like famed Telstar I, it kept on climbing and climbing. When it touched an altitude of some 22,500 miles, a small rocket fired and pushed it into an almost circular orbit.

    Three for the Globe. Like the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass, the orbiting Syncom II keeps moving but gets nowhere. At its extreme height Syncom takes 24 hours to complete one orbit. Since this is the period of the earth's rotation, it stays above the same point on the earth below. This "synchronous" orbit*-- whence comes the name Syncom-- has important advantages. Riding high, the satellite can relay messages by line-of-sight radio to more than one-third of the earth's surface. Three satellites like it, properly spaced, can cover all the inhabited parts of the earth.

    Low-level communications satellites like Telstar I, whose orbit varied between 593 and 3,505 miles, do not cover nearly as much of the earth's surface. Being so low, the can get along with less transmitting and receiving power, but many more of them must be used for world-wide communication.

    Another disadvantage of low-level satellites is that steerable radio antennas must follow them as they sweep rapidly across the sky. Synchronous satellites turning with the earth can be kept in view by fixed antennas, which are simpler to operate.

    Syncom I, which was launched last February, went into near-perfect orbit, but its electronics system broke down, leaving it useless as a relay station. Last week's successor, Syncom II, did better. as the satellite climbed toward orbit more than two hours after launch, the Navy communications ship Kingsport, anchored at Lagos, Nigeria, called it by microwave radio. Syncom II answered smartly, proving that its electronics gear was healthy. The satellite even bounced a recording of The Star-Spangled Banner back to the Kingsport.

    Jockey for Position. Syncom II developed some drift after it went into orbit, as was expected, but in the wrong direction. The Kingsport next ordered Syncom to fire its hydrogen peroxide rocket to correct the slow eastward drift, and actually days will pass before Syncom's delicate guidance apparatus will jockey it into an exactly synchronous orbit. Then it is supposed to swing gently in a north-south figure-eight pattern, crossing the equator over the Atlantic Ocean while radiomen below test how well it can relay messages between distant points on the distant earth.

*First suggested in 1946 by Science Fiction Writer Arthur C. Clarke.

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